Saturday, 27 February 2010

Untitled 270210#1

A rather dark and miserable day. A day for playing indoors rather than being out in the world. A suitably dark image.
Full scale image here:  Flickr 

Friday, 26 February 2010

What you gain on the roundabout you loose on the swings

My first Blog ever. Not sure why I'm doing this or what I might write about. The initial  intention is that it will be about posting images and talking about the images posted, but it could end up being about lots of things, who knows!

Above is one of my first shots (taken in January 2010) using the first (D)SLR camera that I have had for over 25 years. Way back in the days, I had an Olympus OM1, and did a bit of home developing (walk-in cupboard/darkroom) until someone broke into my house and nicked the OM. Since then I have had a few compacts and some compact digitals. However, it wasn't until last year and the acquiring of an Iphone that I started seeing and taking lots of photos again.

Now I know that the Iphone's camera spec. is pretty rubbish, however I've found by using it in combination with a number of photo apps. for me, it has become an interesting and expressive creative tool. Also important to my photographic re-awakening was Blipfoto. Sadly my relationship with Joe and the boys didn't last long (they didn't want me in the gang - I couldn't stick to the draconian rules and offended the inner circle) and The Iphone Project moved to Flickr and Central Station.

The Iphone Project continues (until July 2010, 365 days, 365 images), but now that I have a bigger boytoy the fun can really begin ....